Prescribed Fire
A safe way to Apply a natural process, Ensure ecosystem health, and Reduce wildfire risk.

Fire is a natural occurrence in nature and is essential to maintaining a healthy balance in our forests and ecosystems. Prescribed fire is a natural way to eliminate hazardous fuel loading which when left unattended may result in catastrophic wildfire as evidenced every year throughout the United States. We provided safe, efficient, science-based prescribed fire services. When conducting prescribed fires, our top priorities are safety and meeting our clients' ecological goals and objectives. Prior to the burn we write a site specific prescribed fire plan and document fuel types, topography, desired weather, and the surrounding landscape. Whenever you work with Attack-One, you can trust that you and your land are in great hands.


Fire Management Plan

A plan that identifies and integrates all wildland fire management and related activities within the context of approved land / resource management plans. A fire management plan defines a program to manage wildland fires.

Prescribed Fire Plan

A plan that is a legal document that sets forth the details for conducting a particular burn treatment at a site specific location. The Prescribed Burn Plan is more specific than Fire Management Plans and details the prescription parameters and standards to be used in implementing the burn.

GIS Mapping

Accurate and up-to-date mapping is crucial to every aspect of your project. GIS-Mapping is the key element in assisting landowners with developing their plan and managing their property. Various types of maps can be created depending upon the needs, goals, and objectives of the landowner. Field data collection using mobile applications and equipment is routine for our staff. Properly created maps enable landowners the ability to manage their property in an efficient/cost effective manner.    Having a quality map with the proper acreages allows landowners the ability to ensure accurate accounting and billing for management services.

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