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Wildland Services
Fuels Management

Fire Management Plan Development

Prescribed Fire Plan Development

Prescribed Burning Assistance

Contract Prescribed Burning

Mechanical Fuel Reduction

Firebreak Construction

Exotic Species Control

Right of Way Clearing

Fireline Construction

Wildland Urban Interface

Brush Removal (Thinning / Pruning / Piling)

Wildfire Hazard Risk Assessments

Hazardous Fuels Reduction

Defensible Zones

Slash Reduction

Wildfire Services

Water Handling Equipment Contracting

Heavy Equipment Contracting

Initial Attack and Mop-Up


Management of Wetland, Stream and Endangered Species

Environmental Compliance Planning Native Ground-Cover Restoration

Wildlife Management Restoration

GIS Mapping


Wildland Firefighting (NWCG 100 & 200)

Incident Command System (100 - 300) 

Wetland Mitigation and Long-Term Stewardship Restoration Planning